КОД CN6999
Плюс НДС
Цена за кв. метр: €819
Год постройки : 1995
покрытое: 210m²
Земельный участок: 7492m²

На продажу : Бизнес - Empa - €483,340

The property is located within the administrative boundaries of Emba Village, of Paphos District. The property is approximately 1 km northeast of the populated area of the community and approximately 500 meters south of the Embas’ High School. Along its northern border, adapt to a registered road that connects Emba – Tala, with a frontage of approximately 60 meters.

The property consists of a residential field that has an irregular shape and flat surface.

There are buildings in the property which are used as a restaurant with no economic value.

The Residential Field with Restaurant was constructed approximately in 1995.

Жилая зона
Плюс НДС
отдельная кухня
положения для кондиционера